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Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Is The Ballroom Course?

The Course is designed to give you the training material over the course of nine weeks. However, you can practice the material for the rest of your life! 

Do I lose the training material after finishing the course?

Absolutely not! You get this course material for life! I want you to be able to go at your own speed and take your time to practice. However, you have access to the exclusive facebook community for a duration of 12 weeks, but if you LOVE IT and don’t want to leave we have options of becoming a monthly member!

What if I’ve never done ANY ballroom before? Will I be lost?

Don’t worry, I got you! This course is designed with the beginner in mind. However, there are more complex combinations towards the later modules to give you space to grow into! The key is to go at your own pace!

What age is this course for?

This course does not have a designated age bracket as everyone learns at different paces. However, it is designed to start with beginner steps and then progresses to more advanced material in the later modules.

I have a ballroom instructor at my studio. Is the Teacher program still beneficial to my studio?

YES!! This program provides new material that your current instructor can implement into classes. However, there is SO MUCH more value even beyond just the course material! Did we mention you get a spicy combo to teach choreographed by Erica per month for the duration of the course?! You receive exclusive access to the Teacher facebook group which provides direct personalized feedback, inspiration, and guidance on the material. So long story short...YES it’s beneficial!

What If I don’t have a ballroom instructor and know NOTHING about ballroom, Is this Teacher program still for me?

YES! This program is designed to break down the steps in video form that YOU can learn and start implementing in classes, OR can be used with a projector within the studio! HAPPY DANCE! 

Do you offer refunds??

We never want you to feel stuck! The Ballroom Course offers refunds for up to two weeks if you aren’t happy with the program and the The Ballroom Course for Teachers offers refunds up to three weeks.