I’m Erica Marr, a lifelong

dancer and convention teacher.


I’m on a mission to make Latin ballroom accessible to studio dancers and teachers all over the nation.



// About Erica


In an era of social media comparison, unattainable beauty standards and cutthroat competition, I stand for fostering fiercely supportive community.


As dancers, it’s easy to get caught up in the competition—to attach our self-worth to “winning.” 

I know because I’ve been there. 

My dance career started when I was three. By the time I was 14, I was riding on an unbroken winning streak of  regional and national titles. So when the first time I came in as a runner-up, my whole world shattered. Years of comparison started to set in. 

Then, everything changed when I found Latin ballroom.

Although I grew up training in all styles of dance, I immediately fell in love and poured everything into learning this new style. Yes, these new moves looked beautiful—but they also made me feel powerful and confident.

After competing professionally in ballroom, I began a mission of meshing my two greatest passions together: Latin ballroom and jazz. 

In the process, I saw a gap: studios weren’t teaching Latin movements … and it was difficult to learn ballroom without a partner. The problem? Most studios have about 30 girls to every one boy! 

So, I set out to develop a system that would make ballroom accessible and relatable in studio settings.

Now, I’ve dedicated the past 12 years to teaching and choreographing in this style—fusing strong, fiery jazz movements with Latin ballroom. I specialize in creating all-female ballroom-inspired routines in the convention platform.

I created The Ballroom Course to make the exciting world of ballroom even more accessible—and to empower dancers to step into their fullest potential with versatility and, most importantly, confidence!

On a personal note, you can catch me teaching ballroom at JUMP Dance Convention every weekend and and choreographing at studios all around the nation!


The Ballroom Course is a source for learning new dance skills—and so much more. It’s a supportive community of like-minded studio dancers and teachers like you.



Learning ballroom dance doesn't have to be a struggle.

Let’s find the program that’s best for you—so you can dance with confidence and invite more FUN into your movement. You got this. I’m here to help.